D Petros Creative

A variety of handmade items, made for others to enjoy. I love making all sorts of things, but I also like to share my makes with others. Many items have started out as a "what happens if..." thought or "I wonder if I can put this and that together". I am fascinated by light, textures and colour and have been crafting in various disciplines since I was 6 years old. D Petros Creative is a homebased business started in 2013.

  • My motivation

    Everything displayed here has been hand crafted for you. I am always making and creating something. I like learning new skills and incorporate these into my products as soon as I consider them ready to be shared by a wider audience. I imagined and dreamed of sharing my handmade items with many more people and I am!

  • Jewelry

    I create my jewelry based on the beads that I find on a shopping trip. Some items evolve on my jewelry making boards very quickly, others appear after a longer design process and a great deal of experimentation. I buy beads in limited quantities so I am unlikely to be able to repeat any designs.

  • Meet the owner/maker

    Hello, I'm Dawn. Thank you for looking at my page and products. I am an independent crafter making and selling items for others to love and enjoy, all whilst raising a family and showing that if you believe in your dreams, and have faith in your skills and abilities you will succeed.